Saw them. Loved it.



I locked my time capsule: New Found Glory Announce Hiatus



New Found Glory frontman Jordan Pundik has revealed in a new interview will Billboard the band will be going on a hiatus following their current “Sticks and Stones” 10th anniversary tour.

Pundik says he is confident the band will return at some point but…

Saw this coming so hard

What….. Noooooo

The fact that I bought the ticket to this show, and most likely can’t go makes this even more upsetting.

“I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound
I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon
I wanna dig inside, find a little bit of me
Cuz the line gets crossed when you don’t come clean”

— Disasterpiece (Slipknot)
Abe Lincoln couldn’t have said it more truthfully.